Sumo Kesho-mawashi

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What is a kesho-mawashi?

This is the colorful apron worn by sekitori during ringentering ceremonies. The flowing apron is called maedare. It is embroidered with pictures and the name of the rikishi.

Do kesho-mawashi have sizes?

No, they don’t, but there are rules of thumb. For example, the width is about 80 cm and the length is 8-9 meters. The first meter is the maetare that is covered with embroidery. The remaining portion is folded into six and wrapped around the waist. The bottom of the mae tare is edged in fringe.

Who provides kesho-mawashi ?

Kesho-mawashi are usually gifts from stable supporters or from support groups from a rikishis home town. They are ordered at a cost of about one million yen. The more popular a rikishi and the more active his support clubs, the more kesho-mawashi he is apt to own.

Who makes the kesho-mawashi ?

There are special shops which make these ceremonial aprons.

Can a rikishi put on his kesho-mawashi by himself?

No, he is assisted by his attendants.

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